Advantages Of Using Natural Or Holistic Care For Your Dog

dogsWithout a doubt, science has provided the world with a plethora of benefits and a vast knowledge to help us maintain healthier lives. We have made great strides medically and technologically; but sometimes these advances can cause havoc to our lives, especially when medically speaking. While there have been amazing advances over the years within the medical realm, there have also been a lot of problematic side effects and even casualties that have come with the research and developments of medical treatments. For all the good that medicine provides, the catastrophic moments’ drive some people to explore the natural healing options rather than risk a tragic experience of their own. Holistic care is an age-old option to support optimum wellness and is becoming more and more popular as people are becoming more educated on chemically induced medicines and options.

Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic care is more of a lifestyle, than a treatment. It is about practicing prevention and taking care of you before there even becomes a problem – supplying the body with the natural nutrients, vitamins and exercise it needs to be in an optimum state of health. Not only is the Wellness Industry a booming market in the human sector, it is widely gaining popularity when it comes to our furry, four-legged friends too – our dogs.

Nutrition and Suppliments

Both dogs and humans were created with an amazing body and mind – when you think of all you can do with your body, and what you and your dog’s bodies do without you even thinking about it – it is simply amazing. All that really needs to happen is to keep fueling our bodies with the nutrients needed to run – not all the extras that we ingest just because we want it – the mere basics. Providing food that is rich in the nutrients your dog needs and supplementing with high-quality nutritional supplements that are important to your dog’s health like omega-3 and a probiotic is a great place to start on your holistic care approach.

A Healthy Mind

By living a healthier life with your dog – you are instilling proper eating and drinking habits, exercise options, yes this means daily exercise, and brainteasers. Challenging the mind daily is another part of holistic care – taking care of your body both physically and mentally. It is a disciplined lifestyle, but can really offer some amazing benefits including improved general health, reduced stress and anxiety as well as pain relief. By treating our bodies as they were intended you and your dog can feel and live life as it was intended – free of synthetic toxins and in optimum health.

Converting to a holistic way of living is a discipline. Holistic living will require dedication on your part as your dog’s owner, but after a few weeks and seeing the improvements in your beloved animal, and yourself, you will wonder why it took you this long to get on board.

Michelle Hayden is among the growing number of freelance writers who have turned to holistic remedies and diy treatments for her home, family and pets.