Businesses Go Green With “The Green Deal”

Businesses Go Green With “The Green Deal”

green-businessWater Coolers Direct and several other businesses have recently entered into something known as the Green Deal, which is an initiative that includes a focus on plumbed in water coolers. Some of the benefits of these coolers include more convenience and less environmental impact. Thanks to the Green Deal, employees of all companies can enjoy the benefits of proper hydration with less damage to the environment than ever before.

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is an agreement that allows businesses to save money and conserve energy without having to pay any up-front costs. The cost of the program is covered in the company’s energy bills, so while a company enjoys the benefits of better insulation, draught proofing, and more, they will also be covering the program that makes it all possible. Water Coolers Direct helps companies on this program by providing plumbed in water coolers, which reduces the waste created by empty containers left behind by bottle fed water coolers while also providing many other benefits. By entering into the Green Deal, companies can form a direct connection with Water Coolers Direct and get a lot of help with their water.

Water Cooler Benefits

Plumbed in water coolers give a company more control over the water supply. Because the coolers draw water directly from the property’s water source, there is no need to order a lot of extra bottles. This also cuts down on storage space and ensures that the company only pays for water as it is used, rather than having a surplus lying around. Without the need to reorder water bottles, there is no reason to worry about water coolers running dry through any purchasing errors. From a green perspective, these coolers also save on carbon emissions, since there is less of a need for trucks to drive back and forth delivering the supplies. Overall, everybody wins with these coolers.

The Importance of Water

The constant supply of water that is brought through plumbed in water coolers is extremely useful because it helps ensure that company employees will receive constant hydration. Water is an essential nutritional part of anybody’s diet. It serves as an appetite suppressant and helps to break down body fat, which helps keep a person at a healthy weight. It is also the most effective way to slake a thirst and keep hydrated, which is not only essential to overall health but also a good way to make sure that every employee remains active, efficient, and intellectually active. In short, water is something that every office needs, and a good water cooler will make sure that you always have enough of it.

Plumbed in water coolers provided by Water Coolers Direct are an excellent way of making sure that you have the best possible water supply while also taking advantage of the Green Deal. If you are looking to reap the advantage of water benefits while also reducing your overall carbon footprint, this is an excellent way to get started and improve your operations.

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