5 Reasons to Switch to a Bottle-less Water Cooler

Eco-conscious companies across the nation are “going green” by installing bottle-less water dispensers and eliminating unnecessary plastic waste. But filtered water coolers are not just for businesses. They also work great as home water coolers. If you’re a consumer of bottled water, just consider all the money you could save by investing in a home water cooler! Seriously - get out a calculator and add up the cost of bottled water. But be prepared: you'll probably be shocked and outraged.1. ...[READ MORE]

Multi-Pure Rolls Out Bottle-Less Water Coolers

The long awaited bottle-less water coolers have arrived! If your tired of paying for high priced water delivery, lugging and storing those cumbersome 5 gallon water jugs, and worrying if BPA is leaching from your bottles, bottle-less Water Coolers offer a healthy alternative to bottled water.  With a bottleless water dispenser, you'll never have to change heavy jugs of water, or worry about bottle storage. Bottleless water coolers also offer choices of water temperature; cold water, ...[READ MORE]