Go Green Guy & Water Filter Lady Make A Transformation – Super Hero Video Series #4

Some folks were complaining that water filter lady didnt know how to put her lipstick on correctly and that plastic man was making fun of her, so Go green guy came up with the idea of transforming them into humans so that plastic man couldnt recognize them.  Super Hero Video Series #4Tune in  for more adventures of the water filter lady and go green guy here or Visit our youtube channel to follow

Save Our Planet From Plastic Man – Super Hero Video Series #3

Ok.. Here goes! Video number 3 in our Multi-Pure Super Hero video series. I realize they are a bit silly, but we're having fun, and Go Green Guy is so sweet, you just gotta love him. ;) (thats my hubby)If you would like to be featured in an upcoming video on Carlos Waterpures' t.v. talk show join multi-pure and become a Multi-Pure Super Hero Today!Visit our youtube channel to follow water filter lady and go green guys adventures!

Go Green Guy Helps Out The Water Filter Lady

My hubby Carl Hubby and I have been "green" conscious for some time. Since getting involved with Multi-Pure, we have completely stopped buying bottled water, and both of us are doing our part by recycling, cutting down on our plastic consumption and doing everything we can to spread the word about the impacts of plastic and plastic water bottles in our environment. Last evening while sitting around on our computers, I showed him one of the cartoons I made with on the website xtranormal.com .. ...[READ MORE]