Methods Of Filtering And Purifying Water Outdoors

You’re out camping and running low on water, and you see a clear-looking stream that looks appealing. Before you dip your cup into that water, though, you might ask yourself if it is worth getting sick over. Unless you’re prepared to filter or purify that water, you might pay later for every sip you take. We’ll teach you a few ways to ensure the water you’re drinking in the wilderness doesn’t do your body more harm than good. READ MORE...

Tell Nestlé and Coke to Clean Up Their Own Plastic Pollution

It’s great when consumers take responsibility for using less plastic, and for cleaning up plastic waste in their communities. But wouldn’t it be better if the corporations that put all that plastic into the marketplace and environment had to take responsibility for cleaning it up? TAKE ACTION! Tell Congress to Hold Plastic Polluters Accountable by Supporting the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020! Plastic waste—most of it from single-use processed food and drink ...[READ MORE]

The Great Culling: Our Water – Full movie

The Great Culling our WATER, explores the designed plan of "Maintaining humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."  This is the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones and one can't help but ask, Is the Great Culling being carried out now?   The Great Culling educates on the major health risks associated with these toxic substances and more importantly the best ways to avoid them and effectively remove them from your system.

Eco Friendly Products Everyone should use

After the shocking wake-up call of the documentary Blue Planet, more and more people are waking up to the unsustainable way humans are living. In fact, 97% of climate scientists agree we are facing a global warming emergency. But there’s hope for our planet. If we all do our part to make ourselves a little bit greener, then we can drastically reduce the issues our planet is facing. In this post, you’ll discover some easy swaps to eco-friendly products you can make today to do your part. READ ...[READ MORE]

Does Multipure remove lead from tap water?

Are you concerned about lead in your drinking water? Multipure provides NSF certified water filter systems that help remove lead from your water. What Is Lead? Lead is a metallic element that can make its way into groundwater when that water is contaminated by metallurgical or industrial waste. Lead can also make its way into drinking water when the lead solder that connects copper pipes in your plumbing system corrodes. How Does Multipure Protect You From Lead? Activated carbon ...[READ MORE]

My Name Is Water – Water Underground Project

Today, being a Sunday, I was being lazy and trying to find something good to watch on one of my many movie channels. While searching, I found a movie called "My name is water". It truly touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes and I am inspired to share it here with you all. Please take the time to watch it. At the end of the film you can learn how you can help. A directionless college student has his blasé lifestyle challenged by his Holocaust surviving Grandfather. Jaded and ...[READ MORE]