Guide to Safe Tap Water and Water Filters – Food and Water Watch

Guide to Safe Tap Water and Water Filters Drinking tap water should be safe, affordable, and taste good. Follow our guide to check your tap water quality and find the best filtration system for you. The word is out: bottled water can be bad for our wallets, our health and our environment. If you’re among the growing number of people kicking the bottled water habit and making the move to tap water, you may be curious about your local water supply. Consumer standards are actually more ...[READ MORE]

Food And Water Watch Asks Walmart To Reject GM Corn

It's a new year, and it's time to launch our campaign to get Walmart to reject Monsanto's genetically engineered sweet corn. Genetically engineered sweet corn could be planted this spring, but Walmart can refuse to accept it, protecting consumers from this untested and unlabeled product. Can you sign our new petition asking Walmart to reject genetically engineered sweet corn?              Why should you ask Walmart to reject Monsanto's Genetically Engineered (GE) Sweet Corn? 1) Whether you shop ...[READ MORE]