Food & Water Watch Demands Equal Public Voice On Fracking

 Speak out and demand an equal public voice on fracking!

We all know how democracy works. Every citizen gets an equal voice when it comes to important decisions facing our country. But it seems like the Department of Energy is forgetting the rules — favoring the oil and gas industry’s position on fracking and limiting opportunities for public input. This is outrageous. Tell the Department of Energy to stop pushing its biased position on fracking and letting the oil and gas industry run the debate.

As you know, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a water-intensive process that requires a cocktail of sand and chemicals that are linked to cancer and other health issues. To evaluate the effects of this process, the Department of Energy is working on a new report. The problem is that the panel they’ve created has deep ties to the oil and gas industry — not exactly an unbiased perspective. This report is likely to facilitate more fracking projects, not address the dangers of this risky practice. On top of that, the Department has severely limited opportunities for public comment at hearings on the issue over the next few weeks. Public outrage on fracking has been overwhelming and to limit opportunities for input on this issue is absurd. Your voice matters: Tell the Department of Energy to stop pushing the industry agenda on fracking.

The oil and gas industry is interested in making a profit, not in protecting our essential public resources. We’re on the side of those citizens and communities that have already had to deal with the effects of fracking and we’re calling for a national ban on this risky practice. Please take action today to demand an equal voice for the movement against fracking.

Contact the Department of Energy today:

Thanks for taking action,

Katy Kiefer
Outreach Organizer
Food & Water Watch