How To Get A Free Multipure Drinking Water Filter System


What is Filtermania?

Buy TEN (10) Replacement Filters  & You will receive a Free MultiPure Stainless Steel Drinking Water System.

How does it work?
When you place your order, you will receive the FREE Water Filtration System and one replacement cartridge for that system. In addition, you will receive a total of 9 coupons (5 for MPad) that entitle you to replacement cartridges for your selected system.

As you need the new cartridges, simply contact Multipure® and use your replacement filter coupon to order the additional units. This way, you don’t have to store 10 replacement cartridges in your home and can have the filters sent to you only when you need them. This amounts to 10 years of replacement cartridges for the stainless steel models & 6 years on the MPAD unit.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR MULTIPURE (look for the products starting with “FM”)