Multi-Pure Job Opportunity – Be Your Own Boss!

Multi-Pure is looking for honest Sales Reps to recommend our products and represent our company. Do you know anyone who drinks water? Of course you do! Everyone drinks water, so your target audience for sales is unlimited! Most people are concerned with the quality and price of their drinking water. As a Sales Rep you’ll be able to earn money by helping people save money and improve their health!
Multi-Pure takes care of:
  • Manufacturing
  • Processing & Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping
  • Warranties
  • Payment Plans
  • Product Replacement
  • Free Training
  • Inventory

All you have to do is talk to people and take orders! We pay commission for every sale PLUS bonus cash PLUS a free vacation for top sellers PLUS a residual income for LIFE whenever your customers automatically replace their filter cartridge each year!
Multi-Pure International is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of drinking water systems. Founded in 1970, Multi-Pure has become the leader in the industry, offering products that reduce more contaminants in drinking water than any other on the market. We offer products you can truly believe in and a terrific job opportunity that puts your financial future into your own hands!
Water is a multi-billion dollar industry and now you can have a piece of the action! Be your own boss and set your own hours! Part-time or full-time…you decide how much time you want to work each week!

  • No need to stock inventory
  • No daily sales minimum requirements
  • No territory restrictions
  • No limit to your income!
  • No reason to wait any longer!

Start your new career now!