My Success Story With Multipure

Posted by Laura on March 24, 2011 at 7:19am in Successful Women Network

When I started my business in 2006, I had absolutely no idea what I was
doing. I had never built a website, and I didnt have a clue what seo, html, or
key words even meant. I didnt know what blogging was, and I never heard of
twitter, facebook or social networks. The only thing i knew was how to open my
e-mail. (this is the absolute truth).

Then, I was introduced to Multipure. I answered an add in the local newspaper for someone looking for helpers at our local state fair. I called the number and we met (my sponsor Rick) that day at the local McDonalds. He started talking about this water filter company that I had never heard of.  At the time I was broke, out of work and pennyless.

We were about to lose our home and I was in desperate need of a job. He told me about his company and I was so impressed, that I immediately joined Multipure. (we did the fair that year and we didnt make 1 sale) but I was determined and knew this was an awesome product that would sell.

I was so excited to have found this company, so I went home and went online
and learned everything I could about this company. I told my husband that I was
going to sell water filters on the internet!!!  My husband responded with “You
will NEVER sell anything on the internet”!  I, however know a good thing when I
see it. I had such a good feeling about this company and the product, that I
just knew I had found my niche.

So I went about  learning how to market on the internet. I learned that I
absolutely had to have a website, so I decided to build my own!! WHAT? Yup, I
took that leap and decided to learn absolutely everything I could about building
a website. Along the way I learned SEO and how to get your website on the first
page of google. THIS was my goal!!! If I was going to succeed, I absolutely had
to get my site on google.

I decided to go with Yahoo page builder. (not knowing any better) and not
realizing there are web building programs out there that have templates already
installed. Page builder starts you out with blank pages! Anyway, to make a
long story short, I built my first website with pagebuilder. It took me over 6
months, but low and behold my website (purestdrinking ended up on the
fist page of google.

I decided to start running some adds using ppc (pay per click). I read that
it helps to run some addvertising to get sales, so I started using yahoo’s pay
per click service. Of course I couldnt afford much, and started out at $2. per
day. Now, you have to realize, when your flat broke and can barely pay your
bills $60 per month is ALOT of money. But I didnt care. I told my hubby, We’ve
got to spend money to make money. Well.. the sales started rolling in!!! I’ll be
darned, I was actually selling water filters on the Internet!!!! Ye Ha!

Well, what happened next?  I was named Multipure’s 2007 “Rookie of the
“! I made 60 sales that first year and was honored with my first award and
trip from Multi-Pure for my efforts! (and a nice bonus check to boot). Ha! Now
my husband was eating alot of crow. (he says that all the time).  In 2010 I was named “Distributor of the year“!!

So, how long does it take to make money on the internet?  THAT is up to YOU!
I can tell you this…You will not get rich over night. You MUST be motivated
and devoted to your business. Learn everything you can & listen to your mentors.
I learned by researching and countless hours of reading about marketing on the internet.  I am still learning every day, and I now try to teach my downline and others what I have learned.

My advice is, if you really, really want to make money on the internet You can do it. Get motivated and stick with it!

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