10 Creative Uses For Recycled Plastic

walkwayAs the world becomes ever more environment conscious, many have taken to increasingly creative ways to reuse plastic; and with experts predicting that plastic bags will take up to 500 years to decompose, the need to get creative with plastic is more apparent than ever. Check out our inspiring guide on the top 10 creative uses for recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic planks

Recycled plastic planks can be utilized in a variety of ways, including walkways, garden paths, decking and paved areas. Plastic planks can have up to four times the lifespan of traditional timber planks.


Many companies have profited on the problem of plastic bottles by creating interesting home lighting products. By utilizing the already coloured plastic, they are as much an environmental statement as they are beautiful.

Street Furniture

As well as being used in a wide range of the more traditional furniture items found in homes, schools and factories, plastic has been used to create hard wearing statement pieces for even the trendiest of towns.

Garden growing instruments

Many will be able to remember a time in their childhood where they made growing pots out of plastic bottles. Now however it seems that many a green fingered person is using them to fill entire garden walls. The effect it creates mixes nature with manmade products.

Other garden uses include: Plant feeding instruments, artistic flowers and hanging ornaments.leaf1

Dramatic Outdoor Decor

Many people have found that plastic plant pots are too small a statement, and have opted to go for large, outdoor displays. Plastic has been utilized as car ports, statues and even garden sprinklers to create a water display!

Indoor Decor

Plastic not only provides ample opportunity to create wonderful indoor decor, but what’s more it can keep children entertained for hours. From hand painted ornaments to natural experiments, plastic can serve up all manner of activities and adventures for children.

Plastic and the creative arts

With the environment being such a current issue, many artists have created pieces that involve what would otherwise be unwanted plastic; with various animated animals being a favorite subject. Given that animals are often the foremost sufferers of human plastic waste, it is perhaps the most relevant subject matter there could be.

Food Storage

Plastic bottles can satisfy even the most fervent of OCD sufferers. By cutting up various bottles, they’ve been used to store all manner of household food; items such as rice, pasta and dried beans to name but a few.

Emergency Spoons

For many an inexperienced camper, a plastic bottle has provided a much needed utensil for creating food. By cutting up the bottle, they’ve avoided having to employ rather less desirable items in their camp cooking.

Recycled plastic bag… from 50 plastic bags!

If one plastic bag takes 500 years to decompose, then a bag made from 50 will take how long? Well, it is at least one way to use up those overflowing plastic bags found in garages across the country.

Sharon James owns a share in a local farm co-operative and spends her time growing food and making art as well as practical items from recyclable goods.