Go Green Guy Helps Out The Water Filter Lady

My hubby Carl

Hubby and I have been “green” conscious for some time. Since getting involved with Multi-Pure, we have completely stopped buying bottled water, and both of us are doing our part by recycling, cutting down on our plastic consumption and doing everything we can to spread the word about the impacts of plastic and plastic water bottles in our environment. Last evening while sitting around on our computers, I showed him one of the cartoons I made with on the website xtranormal.com .. he started playing around and after about 3 hours came up with  a cartoon for us called “Go green guy helps out water filter lady”.  Its a bit silly and the character looks nothing like me, but I wanted to share it with you all anyhow. Let me know what you think. Hopefully he will do a few more cartoons and we can wipe out Plastic Man altogether!

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  1. Slava Rybalka

    Dear Laura and Carl

    God bless you for spreading the word about the green way of living. I've recently started to follow this way myself. You might be interested in these two websites of my friends:

    Water Filters – they sell all kinds of water filters here.

    Going Green – some good articles about going green and green business.

    Thank you, and drop me a line if you have time.


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