A Day At The Beach

Thursday, my daughter Kira and I went to go hang out at the beach. While we were there, we decided to see how much plastic we could find. And here you go… This is the plastic we picked up from Daytona beach in a matter of less than 10 minutes, in about a 1 block area.  Among our cache of plastic found was a plastic spoon and fork, a toothbrush, a black balloon from a “graduation” party, several water bottle caps, an empty water bottle, an old fashioned hair roller insert, a straw, and an assortment other unrecognizable plastic items. Of course there were many smaller particles of plastic that we didnt pick up, but this is definately enough plastic in a small area that makes you wonder how much is actually choking our oceans, sea creatures and killing countless birds and fish that mistake these plastic items for food.


  1. Sara Bayles


    Thanks for this post. I put it out on twitter so more people can see. Want to weigh it next time and tell me how many pounds you collect in 20 minutes? I'll add it to The Daily Ocean Community Count.


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