1. Sean

    I was hoping to see NSF certification documents but since they mentioned that they will on the next product…we'll see..Keep us posted Laura

  2. Will

    So far multi-Pure is the best. I agree that certain product specially in this business product owners or endorser should have a certification from a legit group that proves their claims of the product. Good Laura on your search..Keep us updated.

  3. John Olsen

    I saw the site of Dr. Mercola and I think its nice but I think yours are far more informative than his. Well I think they dont have that certification because if they did they will be very proud to post it on their site.( No offense but some people would just want to be sure of the product before buying ) But anyways the good thing was they mentioned that they will have a new product so lets see…

  4. Laura

    Thanks for your responses. I truly respect Dr. Mercola, but I wonder how well he actually researches his products before he promotes and sells them. Just makes you say hmmm?

  5. Anonymous

    Activated alumina is one method to remove fluoride, but a slow flow is required to remove the fluoride. Has anyone tested the Mercola filter for the removal percentage?

  6. admin

    I see now that Dr. Mercola is now marketing aquasana water filters under his own name. Again, Aquasana filters are not NSF certified.

  7. Andrea

    Dr. Mercola is now selling Pure @ Clear filters, which meet California’s standards. How do you think they compare with the Multi-Pure filters?

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