1. Good for you Laura! Thanks for bringing attention to this! It is important for the consumer to know what they are purchasing and that it will perform as advertised!

    I am posting a link for my customers to this post! I believe it is important information for people looking for a water filter for their home or business.

  2. admin

    Thank You Katrina. Yes it is. Many consumers are uneducated, and when a prominant doctor with thousands of followers are duped into believing a product is NSF certified, It just really gets to me. Dr. Mercola really should know better.

  3. Cassidy McIntire

    Interesting post…As an avid mercola supporter and daily reader I was a bit surprised to see this! Other than the link above about the reviews of the aquasauna counter top filter, do you have any info suggesting the main whole house systems from Aquasauna/Mercola are bad? NSF compliance is a plus but any other info?

    Would you suggest any other systems over this one? We are in the market

  4. Cory

    It should also be mentioned… the fact that not only is Dr. Mercola selling water filters that lack the proper certification, but at quite the price hike as well. I see no difference between the shower filter sold on Aquasana’s website listed here.. http://www.aquasana.com/product_detail.php?product_id=2

    In comparison to Mercola’s “pure and clear” listed here, except for well.. the price of course. For 15 more dollars you get the same filter and a very deceptive lengthy description to make you feel as if you are getting much more.

  5. Laura

    Good eye on that one Cory! I noticed that too, but figured if people dont do their research, they will pay for it. Problem as I said, is they are taking advantage of unsuspecting customers…. Being that Dr. Mercola is such a respected “authority” on such topics. Not to mention the fact that now that Dr. Mercola has aligned himself with Aquasana, how many Aquasana affiliates are losing sales. I’m surprised that they have any affiliates left to promote their product.

  6. Claudia

    Also, they mention Californa certification. I went to that site and California doesn’t certify SHOWER filters. That is deceptive.

  7. Laura, it is a testament to you that you took the “bull by the horn” and explored this issue with Dr. Mercola’s office. I see it all the time how uninformed people are about the water they drink and how easily they are duped into thinking they are getting a bargain when they hear that the water “tastes better.” While tasting better is a good thing, that’s only the beginning of the story; there is so much more to healthy water that’s hidden below the “radar.” That’s of course, why we have the Multipure!
    Even the NSF certification is easy to misunderstand by the uninformed. As you and I know, “NSF certified” and “Testing to NSF Standards” are not equivalent statements, in fact they differ greatly. But, how are the uninitiated to know?
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.


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