Food And Water Watch Asks Walmart To Reject GM Corn

It’s a new year, and it’s time to launch our campaign to get Walmart to reject Monsanto’s genetically engineered sweet corn. Genetically engineered sweet corn could be planted this spring, but Walmart can refuse to accept it, protecting consumers from this untested and unlabeled product. Can you sign our new petition asking Walmart to reject genetically engineered sweet corn?             

Why should you ask Walmart to reject Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered (GE) Sweet Corn?
1) Whether you shop at Walmart or not, they are the largest U.S. food retailer, and if they won’t sell genetically engineered sweet corn, it’s likely that farmers won’t plant it.
2) Genetically engineered sweet corn will not be labeled, so you won’t know what you’re buying.
3) Monsanto’s GE sweet corn hasn’t been tested for human safety, and it contains three different genetically engineered traits that haven’t been used in food eaten directly by people.
Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and General Mills have already agreed not to use GE sweet corn in any of their products, but we need other stores to follow their lead to end the market for this untested sweet corn.  Over the next three months, we’ll be building our campaign to get Walmart to do the right thing, and we’ll need your help every step of the way. From signing petitions, to joining in our national days of action, we need you to make this campaign a success. Take the first step now by signing our petition to Walmart.

Sign the petition to Walmart:

To learn more about Genetically modified foods and how Monsanto has taken over the farming and crops in America, Watch The Future Of Food:

The Future of Food from Deborah Koons Garcia on Vimeo.


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  1. JackJohnson

    I found this blog to be interesting. I never thought about genetic engineered food and did no that it had been happening. But good to know I should keep a look out for it. Also is good to that I had not been used on human consumption yet. Not sure where my stand is yet. But you have made me really think about this for myself and family. Thanks for this great info.

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