1. OMG – I had no idea there were so many ways to consumer fluoride! Foods, beverages, tea leaves, cooking utensils, etc! This is an eye opener. Makes me wonder why I haven’t heard more about this from other sources, like doctors and dentists! At any rate, thanks so much for the plethora of info that YOU provided!!

  2. These are some wonderful tips! I had first hand experience with a child who had dental treatments of fluoride. The child actually had his teeth rot out. Very important information, thank you 🙂

  3. adamstewart5989

    Indeed that’s an eye opener, I don’t even know that in so many ways we consume the harmful fluoride. As I am a bachelor and I use tap water daily, thank you for letting me know that how much harmful it is. I have to install water distiller as soon as possible and meet my medical authorities. Thanks Laura, you are a life saver

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