1. zuzuwilson

    People need to know what is in their tap water. Our utility company sends the report of testing and I read it thoroughly. I must say that I was shocked when I read it last! There were many tests that they did not do well on. It is amazing how long they are given to fix. I only drink filtered water. Also, people need to use their filtered water for cooking as well! Thanks for this info.

  2. max

    wow nice it`s good to hear that many people are making awareness about healthy living for others and by this you can see that there are peoples who care about all not only for them self.

  3. This is indeed really helpful! EWG’s tool is pretty useful to help you identify which water filter is right for you. I actually found the link to their tool earlier.. and I saw it again on your blog. I guess it’s becoming popular, that’s really great for people looking for a good water filter these days.. thanks.

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