1. molli vandehey

    this is really great information about coconut water… my kids love it but my husband always wondered if it was really better for them than drinking water or juice… i think for me it is because it doesnt fill them up like juice but they get the benefits… too bad it’s so dang spendy :(!

  2. kim lazor

    Thank you for the excellent review on Coconut Water! I have recently started drinking it, and love it. It was good to read about all of the healthy benefits of drinking it. 🙂

  3. Maureen

    Interesting article…my six year old daughter, Hannah has severe, chronic asthma and in addition to water we give her coconut water every day for the magnesium benefits. I was pleased to see all of the other nutritional benefits too!

  4. Anita L

    Thank you for sharing this very useful information. I had no idea until now, that Coconut water was so beneficial. I have not tried it yet, but it sounds great!

  5. Oh, interesting! I didn’t realize that coconut shells are a renewable energy source. Coconuts are pretty plentiful here in So. Florida. Great article!

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