NRDC – Defending Our Right To Clean Water

NRDC -Peter Lehner
Last week, the House of Representatives passed one of the worst pieces of legislation I’ve ever seen.

The bill, HR 2018, overturns almost 40 years of federal safeguards that protect our water quality. Under the bill, the EPA would no longer be able to properly enforce the Clean Water Act.

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“I personally have worked for decades to clean our waters, including for eight years with a state government. I know from personal experience how important it is that the EPA provides a backstop for even the most well-meaning states. Make no mistake – this bill would mean much dirtier water everywhere”.

For example, this bill would allow states to veto EPA water quality decisions even when a waterway is severely polluted. It would mean your water quality could worsen, and you would also have fewer protections from states that are upstream.

In addition to affecting your health, lower water quality could hurt your community’s businesses, tourism and property values.

By hamstringing the EPA, this bill seeks to remove a national safety net that guarantees everyone in this country a minimum level of water quality protection no matter where you live or travel.

We can’t stand silent as Congress undermines the EPA and removes such important safeguards.

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Thanks for everything you do,
Peter Lehner
Executive Director
NRDC Action Fund