Why I Recommend The Multipure Water Filter Over All Other Filters

Why I Recommend The Multipure Water Filter Over All Other Filters

Some of my readers may say that this is a biased opinion since I am a distributor for the Multipure company and that I am only trying to sell water filters. Well…to tell you the truth, I am a distributor for several other water filter companies as well as Multipure. I have been in the water filter business now going on 7 years. I temporarily worked for Rain Soft, but I didn’t stay with them because in my opinion their products were way over priced and they had a bad reputation of not standing behind their products, and I did not care for their pushy marketing techniques. As for the other companies that I am affiliated with,  I can not bring myself to market them because I feel Multipure has a superior product and quite simply out-performs all the others by a landslide.

My background is actually in the food business. Before I got started in the water filter business, I ran a lunch truck, better known as a “roach coach” for many years. I have a food managers license, and have been a bar manager, cook, waitress, secretary, nursing assistant and a cosmotologist (beautician).

I actually found Multipure while I was searching for a reverse osmosis water filter for myself. I had read the book “Natural Cures” by internet marketing guru Kevin Trudeau. In his book he had a short article about the dangers of fluoride which absolutely shocked and scared me. I, like everyone else had believed that fluoride was good for me…anyway, to make a long story short, I went searching for a water filter that would remove fluoride. I went to home depot, walmart, sams club, and I could not find a filter that had fluoride listed on their performance data fact sheets, so I went searching on the internet. After weeks of researching water filters, I learned that the only way to remove fluoride is through a reverse osmosis or distiller.

God works in mysterious ways. While all this was going on (I had just quit my job with Rain Soft) I was searching the local newspaper want adds for a new job. The housing boom had slowed to an all but dead stop, so the lunch business was out. I saw a listing for someone needing people for a booth the state fair.
I thought..hmmm that seems like it would be fun, so I called the phone number in the add. The man said he was going to be setting up at the state fair to sell water filters and asked if I wanted to come and meet with him. Of course I took this as a sign from God, since I was looking for a water filter anyway! We sat down and he started discussing the company, their products and the business opportunity and I was sold almost instantly.  I had never heard of Multipure, even though they’ve been in business 40 years! (37 at the time) I learned that Multipure was only sold by independent distributors and could not be purchased in a store. I said “Sign me up”!

That was over 6 years ago.
Of course at the time, I had very little online marketing skills, but I thought..what the heck else am I going to do? My husband told me “You will never make any money on the internet selling water filters”!  But I knew different. After researching so many other water filter companies I knew I could make a living with this awesome product.  I actually did so well, that that year I was honored with the title of “Rookie of the Year”. I was at that time, and still am convinced that this water filter is the absolute best water filter you can buy.

In the past 7 years that I have been with Multipure, I have researched many, many other water filter companies products, performance data, quality & guarantee. At the top of the list is Multipure.

Here are the top reasons why I recommend Multipure over all other water filters on the market:

1. No other water filter reduces more contaminants than Multipure.
2. Multipure has the ONLY water filter on the market NSF certified for Arsenic V reduction.
3. Multipure has a lifetime guarantee! That’s right…I said Lifetime!
4. Multipure stands 100% behind their products.
5. Multipure’s replacement filters only need replacing once per year (on average for a family of 4)
6. Multipure saves you money over bottled water or cheap faucet mount or pitcher type filters.
7. Multipure has been voted Consumers Digest “Best Buy” three times.
8. Multipure water filters are made of a solid carbon block 0.5 micron (sub micron) filter media.
I have yet to find another company that produces 0.5 micron carbon block water filter or one that reduces more contaminants than Multipure. (If you find one, I’d like to hear about it)

I can honestly say that I am PROUD to be a part of such a wonderful company that really cares about their customers and distributors alike. If you have any questions about the Multipure line of products or need assistance in choosing the right filter for your families needs, please give me a call or visit my website.

This blog post was last updated 8/16/2013