Multipure Coupon Code – Save 5% on drinking water systems and get free shipping

Multipure’s new pricing goes into effect on May 1, 2021. The new pricing on Multipure’s drinking water systems, home essentials, and replacement filters includes FREE shipping to addresses in the continental US!In addition, beginning May 1st, customers that place their Multipure orders through our website can receive a 5% discount! Online order's are not only quick and easy, but also a great way to save you money.This May and beyond, get the products you need to improve your water, your health, ...[READ MORE]

How To Clean A Water Filter

As with any other product, not maintaining your water filter will cause it to deteriorate. Irregular maintenance affects the quality and purity of your water. If your filters aren’t clean, they won’t freshen your water, and so become redundant. READ MORE...

Drinking water filtration technology on display at China International Import Expo

"Good water, good coffee." The Multipure booth features a team of baristas sharing free cups of coffee made with Multipure-filtered water to put proof in hand of their filter quality. American company Multipure exhibited their drinking water filtration technology at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). First participated in the CIIE in 2019, this is the second time for Multipure to attend the expo, and it will continue to join the coming session of CIIE in 2021. These activities ...[READ MORE]

Methods Of Filtering And Purifying Water Outdoors

You’re out camping and running low on water, and you see a clear-looking stream that looks appealing. Before you dip your cup into that water, though, you might ask yourself if it is worth getting sick over. Unless you’re prepared to filter or purify that water, you might pay later for every sip you take. We’ll teach you a few ways to ensure the water you’re drinking in the wilderness doesn’t do your body more harm than good. READ MORE...

Tell Nestlé and Coke to Clean Up Their Own Plastic Pollution

It’s great when consumers take responsibility for using less plastic, and for cleaning up plastic waste in their communities. But wouldn’t it be better if the corporations that put all that plastic into the marketplace and environment had to take responsibility for cleaning it up? TAKE ACTION! Tell Congress to Hold Plastic Polluters Accountable by Supporting the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020! Plastic waste—most of it from single-use processed food and drink ...[READ MORE]