Do you know what your water filter removes?

Not all filters are certified to remove lead. Lindsay Moyer • August 29, 2016 Posted in Food Safety. Most filters will make your water taste better. The best way to tell whether they also get rid of the contaminants you’re concerned about is to check their certification with NSF International (formerly the National Sanitation Fou … [Read more...]

Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in “The Lancet” Medical Journal

The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive from several sources. Now, a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin, in the same category as ar … [Read more...]

New Studies Highlight Dangers of PFC Contamination in Drinking Water

Multipure touts the effectiveness of Carbon Block Filters in treating PFC contamination Recent studies published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters (ESTL) and Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) examine the presence and effects of drinking water contamination by poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These chemicals, part of … [Read more...]

Nestlé gets access to Fryeburg, Maine’s groundwater for up to 45 years in controversial case

Nestlé has secured the rights to purchase the groundwater in Fryeburg, Maine for up to 45 years, after several years of litigation that revealed local politicians and authorities' links to the company. Activists say this damages the town's water sustainability. Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court quashed activists’ efforts to appeal the deal by ruli … [Read more...]

Flagler County to begin fluoridating water

The change will not effect Palm Coast, Flagler Beach and Bunnell, which have their own water sources. by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor Flagler County will no longer be one of the few counties in the state of Florida that does not have fluoridated water. The Flagler County Commission voted unanimously at its regular Aug. 15 meeting to … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride

  How to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride When fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s, in an experiment to prevent tooth decay, not a single dental product contained fluoride: no fluoride toothpastes, no fluoride mouth rinses, no fluoride varnishes, and no fluoride gels. In the past 60 years,as more communities began fluoridation … [Read more...]

Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

By Dr. Mercola If you don't drink enough water, you can easily become dehydrated. Many actually mistake their thirst for hunger, and this is one of the basic premises behind the idea that drinking water may alleviate hunger and help you lose weight. Many studies support this idea though, so it's not just pure hype. Most recently, researchers … [Read more...]

Excessive lead levels found in almost 2,000 water systems across all 50 states

TESTS FOR CITIES, RURAL SUBDIVISIONS AND EVEN SCHOOLS AND DAY CARES SERVING WATER TO 6 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE FOUND EXCESSIVE AND HARMFUL LEVELS OF LEAD.  Alison Young and Mark Nichols, USA TODAY Melissa Hoffman, 40, expresses her concerns about the high lead levels found at her children's school, Caroline Elementary School, during a town hall … [Read more...]

How To Tell If Your Water Is Safe

How can I tell whether the water in my house is safe to drink? It's not easy. You can rely on your senses to alert you to a few of the more unappetizing things that spill into your drinking glass — like sulfur, with its distinctive rotten-egg smell, or too much chlorine. The Water Quality Association offers an interactive Diagnose Your Drinking … [Read more...]

Edible Rings On Six-Packs Feed Marine Life If They End Up In The Ocean

A craft beer company has brewed up a brilliant idea. Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida, has created edible six-pack rings that feed, rather than kill, marine life if the rings end up in the ocean and an animal happens to eat it. The rings are created from beer by-products during the brewing process such as barley and wheat and are … [Read more...]

Is Your Water Safe To Drink?

Is Your Water Safe To Drink? - Kelly Reynolds PH.D. Kelly Reynolds from the University of Arizona asks, Is Your Water Safe To Drink? No worries, she is here to give us the information we need to come to the right conclusion. … [Read more...]

President Obama Drinks Flint’s Filtered Water During Visit

 Pres. Obama Drinks Flint's Filtered Water During Visit President Barack Obama made a long-awaited visit to Flint, Michigan, Wednesday, seeking to bring unity to a crisis over lead-contaminated water that has left residents furious with local, state and federal leaders — and taking sips of filtered water to show it is safe to dr … [Read more...]

Multipure’s Pure Foundation Donating And Installing 465 Drinking Water Systems To Flint Michigan Families

465 is a big number! The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Flint has 465 member families that live in Flint... these families are still struggling daily with lead contaminated water. The Pure Foundation wants to put drinking water systems in as many of these homes as possible... and that's where we need your help friends. We need as many donations … [Read more...]

Flushing Program Launched After 5 L.A. Schools Report Murky Tap Water

LOS ANGELES ( —  The Los Angeles City Council Tuesday demanded answers from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power after five L.A. schools complained of murky water. LAUSD officials said the district heard of the cloudy water late last week from principals and plant managers from Flournoy Elementary, Compton Avenue Elementary, 96 … [Read more...]

Best Under Sink Water Filters

Under-sink water filters provide a permanent, installed solution Under-sink water filters are installed directly into the water line under the sink. Some filter all of the cold water that flows through the faucet; others have a separate filter faucet -- which requires drilling a hole in the sink deck or countertop to install. The options and price … [Read more...]

This Algae-Based Biodegradable Water Bottle Could Change The Water Bottle Industry Forever

Plastic water bottles come with a higher price tag than most people realize, taking up to 1,000 yearsto decompose in a landfill. The fact that at least half of all water bottles are used only once makes the waste that much more egregious. Icelandic product designer Ari Jónsson decided he needed to take action by fashioning a biodegradable water … [Read more...]