Interesting Facts & Water Conservation Tips

Conserving water is important because we only have so much. The amount of water on Earth today is the same as when the Earth was formed. That means the water from your faucet could contain molecules that dinosaurs drank!About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, but only about 1% of the water on Earth is usable freshwater. The rest is found in oceans and glaciers and is unavailable for use by humans.The Egyptians were the first people to record methods for treating water. These ...[READ MORE]

Health Risks of Chlorine In Drinking Water

Chlorine has been used as an effective disinfectant in drinking water supplies for nearly 100 years. Chlorine is considered necessary to destroy many of the bacteria in your drinking water. If it cleanses your water, then what is the problem?Health officials are concerned with the chlorinating by-products, also known as "chlorinated hydrocarbons" or trihalomethanes (THM's). Most THM's are formed in drinking water when chlorine reacts with naturally occurring substances such as decomposing plant ...[READ MORE]

Coke, Pepsi battle over bottled water

Coke, Pepsi battle over bottled waterNot long ago, Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo pulled off a remarkable feat: converting the world’s most plentiful liquid — water — into a product wrapped in brand images, aspirations and marketing hooks. READ MOREPosted using ShareThis

Study Finds Traces of Drugs in Drinking Water in 24 Major U.S. Regions

A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows.To be sure, the concentrations of these pharmaceuticals are tiny, measured in quantities of parts per billion or trillion, far below the levels of a medical dose. Also, utilities insist their water is safe.But the presence of so many prescription drugs — and ...[READ MORE]

What Is The Best Water Filter?

After doing years of research, I have found that Multipure® is the Top-Rated & Best Performing NSF Certified Solid Carbon Block Water Filtration system in the U.S. Multipure developed the solid carbon block water filter. Multipure's Filters are 0.5 micron rated (sub micron)  meaning that "No Other Water Filter Reduces More Contaminants Than Multipure" Multipure products were First to be Tested & Certified by NSF for reduction of these major contaminants: Arsenic, Lead, VOC's, Cysts, ...[READ MORE]