Multi-Pure Announces New Bottle-less Water Coolers

Multi-Pure, the inovator in the water filtration industry has come out with the new bottle-less water cooler for home, office, schools, public buildings, etc. These attractive looking coolers are equipped with Multi-Pure's solid carbon block filter technology and can be plumbed into any home or office setting for the ultimate in safe drinking water.  No more heavy lifting of plastic water bottles, no more paying for expensive water delivery, and no chance of contaminated water like you may ...[READ MORE]

Questions & Answers About Fluoride & How to Remove It From Your Drinking Water

Where does the fluoride added to water come from? The main fluoride chemical added to water (hydrofluorosilicic acid) is an industrial by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry. Unlike the fluoride used in toothpaste, hydrofluorosilicic acid is not pharmaceutical-grade quality. It is an unpurified, industrial-grade, corrosive acid which has been linked, in several recent studies, to increased levels of lead in children’s blood. Does fluoride occur naturally in water? Like arsenic and ...[READ MORE]

Is the bottled water market declining? – PlasticsNews

Is the bottled water market declining? - PlasticsNewsWhat's the state of the bottled water market?A year ago, we reported that the economy and environmental pressure were putting pressure on the bottled water sector, and the days of double-digit annual growth was over.Further proof of the trend comes today with the release of Nestle SA's 2009 financial results. The financial press is reporting that the company's water business is struggling...Read more

The Dangers Of Fluoride In Your Drinking Water & "The Doctors" Tv Show

Yesterday, I was watching "The Doctors" television show. The entire show was devoted to drinking water. The "doctors" explained how important it was for the health of our bodies to drink water. They also discussed the environmental impacts of "bottles" ending up in our landfills and how improvements could be made by purchasing a "brita" water filter instead of purchasing bottled water. All of this was great (although I dont recommend a Brita filter of course), but what alarmed me  is ...[READ MORE]

Interesting Facts & Water Conservation Tips

Conserving water is important because we only have so much. The amount of water on Earth today is the same as when the Earth was formed. That means the water from your faucet could contain molecules that dinosaurs drank!About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, but only about 1% of the water on Earth is usable freshwater. The rest is found in oceans and glaciers and is unavailable for use by humans.The Egyptians were the first people to record methods for treating water. These ...[READ MORE]