Coke's New Bottle Is Part Plant

Coca-Cola Co., under fire from environmentalists for using plastic bottles, has introduced a new packaging material made partly from plants. The container has "the same weight, the same feel, the same chemistry, and functions exactly the same way" as a regular plastic bottle, a Coke spokeswoman says. Environmental groups say the Coke bottle now being introduced is a slight improvement over regular PET bottles, but they say it won't solve a bigger problem with plastic bottles: the fact that most ...[READ MORE]

Multi-Pure Efforts In Haiti

We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls about Haiti this week and so I’d like to share with you what’s happening with our Multi-Pure efforts there. We are working with several emergency response organizations in order to get our filters to people who desperately need them. We have already shipped out some of our MP911 and EF8 units to doctors and nurses who are transporting them in their suitcases as they’ve flown into the country. We are currently designing a special filter for Haiti to meet ...[READ MORE]

Multi-Pure Meeting In A Town Near You! Join me In Orlando!

Multi-Pure has been busy planning some fun distributor meetings across the country and would LOVE to have you join us! Independent distributors are encouraged to bring their teams, as well as any friends or associates who are interested in learning more about Multi-Pure's terrific business opportunity!Corporate-sponsored meetings are especially fun because they feature executives from the company who bring the latest, greatest scoop from headquarters, as well as tons of prizes and hoopla! Here ...[READ MORE]

Multi-Pure in Haiti – How you can help

From Multi-Pure's Blog: Here at Multi-Pure, our hearts are heavy because of the death and destruction in Haiti this week. We have had many conversations with organizations all over the world who are racing to give aid and we are working hard at adding our efforts to the relief solutions. Multi-Pure will be sending some of our MP911 and EF8 emergency filters to Haiti in the next few days in the suitcases of volunteers we have identified who are traveling ...[READ MORE]

Multi-Pure Gets an "A" from the Better Business Bureau!

One more reason to feel really good about Multi-Pure.. Multi-Pure has been in business 40 years, establishing a wonderful reputation for integrity and excellence in our industry. The Better Business Bureau strives to help protect consumers and direct customers to businesses that are trustworthy. Multi-Pure has been given an "A" grade! Deciding to drink tap water instead of bottled water can have huge benefits for the earth. We can eliminate unnecessary waste going into landfills, cut back on the ...[READ MORE]