How To Choose The Best Water Filter

Lets face it, everyone will need a water filter in their home, sooner or later. Choosing the one that meets your personal water filter needs can be a challenge. Consumer Reports helps take some guess work out of choosing the best home water filter product. They pick from the top sellers and put them through a complete set of tests to insure that … [Read more...]

Multipure Wriggle Filtered Water Bottle At The Oscars ~ 2012

The Multipure "Wriggle" filtered water bottle somehow found its way to the Oscars!! Recognize any of these stars?                      To find out what the Wriggle is and how you can pre-order yours Click Here   … [Read more...]

H20 On The Go With Filtered Water Bottles

Filtered Water Bottles Filtering your water at home is fine, but what if you want to be able to do it on the go? Ready to break your plastic water bottle habit but not quite sold on straight municipal tap while your on the go? If so, a filtered water bottle may be the solution. carries a wide variety of filtered water bottles. With … [Read more...]

Brita Water Filter vs. Multi-Pure Analysis

Brita's Aquaview  In 2009, a comparison/analysis was conducted for Engr308 Technology and the Environment at Humboldt State University by students Bryan Thomson, Dana Martin, Kristi Morton and Kristy Method. The class project's goal was to determine which drinking water system is the best for Arcata, Humboldt County, California residents, … [Read more...]

A Cheap Water Filter System? Dont Waste Your Money.

Faucet mount and pitcher type filters like Brita & Pur do little more than reduce chlorine & gives the buyer a false sense of security. Have you been tempted by fancy add campaigns and the lower priced water filter systems like brita and pur as an alternative for your family because of a limited budget? If so you need to realize that … [Read more...]