Multi-Pure Gets an "A" from the Better Business Bureau!

One more reason to feel really good about Multi-Pure..

Multi-Pure has been in business 40 years, establishing a wonderful reputation for integrity and excellence in our industry. The Better Business Bureau strives to help protect consumers and direct customers to businesses that are trustworthy. Multi-Pure has been given an “A” grade!
Deciding to drink tap water instead of bottled water can have huge benefits for the earth. We can eliminate unnecessary waste going into landfills, cut back on the energy it takes to produce and transport the bottles, reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals like BPA, and stop supporting an industry moving to turn water from a common resource into an expensive commodity.
Multi-PureĀ® is the Top-Rated & Best Performing Water Filtration system in the U.S. Tested & Certified by NSF for reduction of these major contaminants: Arsenic, Lead, VOC’s, Cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Asbestos, E.coli, MTBE, Mercury, PCB’s, Chloramines and many more. Click here for complete list.

Purchase a Multi-Pure Drinking Water System. Save money, our environment, and drink clean, refreshing water right from your own tap. CLICK HERE To Purchase a Multi-Pure Drinking Water System

Work From Home With Multi-Pure…

Would you like to have your own “Green” business? A business that makes a difference in the lives of others while also helping our environment? Then Multi-Pure may be for you! You could be a part of the absolute best water filter company in the industry! By helping convert bottled water drinkers to filtered tap water, you will also be helping our environment by preserving our precious oil reserves and helping to prevent millions of plastic water bottles from ending up in our landfills. (All this while earning a significant income too)!
First off, The Multi-Pure business opportunity is not a get-rich-quick program. This is a real business opportunity that could change your life and the lives of many others. Your success with this business depends on you.

It’s really up to you how much time and effort you are willing to put into your business. Multi-Pure (like all legitimate businesses) take time, and effort to grow. There are many ways to build your Multi-Pure business such as direct selling, word of mouth, trade fairs, home shows, internet marketing, news paper advertising, etc. The possibilities are endless. Click here to learn more about the Multi-Pure business Opportunity.


  1. Mark Elmo Ellis


    Great article. I have a question. I heard that fluoridated water makes you very passive. Is this true or is it one of those urban myths?

    Thanks for a great post.

    God Bless!


  2. Laura

    Hi Mark,
    I have some very informative blog posts on the topic of fluoride here in the archives section (listed in the nav bar). Thanks for you comment.

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