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  2. Mihaela Ardelean

    Hello Laura,

    What happened?
    Did you contact NSF?
    What was their answer?

    Thank you.

  3. Very interesting. I currently have an aquasana and came across Mercola’s filter. Right away I knew it was aquasana’s. It’s the same model I have. And the photos are exactly the same as on Aquasana’s site (with the exception of his boxed product). Aquasana’s site says it reduces 91% of chlorine. That’s it. There is absolutely nothing about reducing heavy metals or VOC’s like Mercola’s site says. It’s the Model# AQ-4100. Here are the lab analysis which you’ve probably seen. http://www.aquasana.com/assets/660-UL-FAC-R1.pdf Makes me have zero faith in anything Mercola has to say from this point on.

  4. Laura

    Please believe, I think Dr. Mercola has every intention of informing the public of possible dangers regarding, food, water, pharmaceuticals, etc. I stlll believe in him and follow him regularly. However in terms of water filters, I’m not sure he has done his research and I am suprised that he has aligned himself with Aquasana. That is not to say Aquasana is a “bad” product. Infact their filters are not bad, but have not been certifed by NSF, so it is impossible to verify their contaminant claims. Being in the filtration industry and doing the amount of research that I’ve done, I find it hard to believe that Aquasana has not invested the money (considering they can afford it, with the amount of money they make from literally thousands of distributors marketing their product) to become NSF certified, that they seem to take the cheap way out with flimsy housing units that crack, leak and have a terrible reputation for customer satisfaction. When a company that makes millions of dollars a year can not stand behind their own product, you have to wonder what is their main motive in business….To protect the customers interests, or their own. What you must also consider is, Dr. Mercola does not even write 99% of the articles on his site any more…. He has a team of marketing executives to do all this for him. He does a video now and then to keep his image going, but thats the extent of his marketing efforts. I remember 5 years ago when he didnt sell one product. He was all about informing the public, but since then he has grown and become an internet icon and the money seems to have gotten the best of him. Money has a way of doing that to good intentioned people.

  5. Jorge

    Update from Aquasana as of 10/19/2011:
    “Hello Jorge, our NSF certification is being worked out as we speak. We look forward to publication by the end of the year. Right now the drinking, shower, and whole house filters are certified to NSF standards 42, 53, and 61 based on UL testing.
    Thank you,”

    People, if you are offended by dishonesty and snake oil salesmen, please fill out a complaint with the FTC. I’m wondering if Dr. Mercola is a cousin of Kevin Trudeau and if his filters inject cancer curing coral calcium into your drinking water too!

  6. Laura

    Thank you Jorge for confirming again what we already knew. It looks as though continuous inquires by consumers to find out if their products are in fact NSF certified has spurned them to get with the program. They may very well be in the process of getting certified. I can assure you that their housings need a definate re-design to stand up to the high pressure that NSF will put them through, and will not pass NSF testing if they havent fixed that major problem though. I sincerly wish them the best.

  7. erika

    thank you, laura! i was just on dr. mercola’s site because i’m looking to buy a filter, but i didn’t feel satsified with his recommendation just based on the look of the product. came across your site after googling multi-pure filters and am so glad i did. can’t believe dr. mercola would mislead his readers that way. what a shame! thanks much for the information.

  8. jackstraw

    Laura, I’m having (low pressure) problems with a recently installed under the counter Aquasana filter and got to your article concerning NSF certification. I went to the NSF website and the Aquasana home system filters, (AQ-4000, AQ-4600 & AQ-4601) ARE IN FACT NSF CERTIFIED. Here is the link:
    Am I missing something?

  9. Thank you for enlightening me Jackstraw. It looks like they finally got their NSF certification for these contaminants. Asbestos Reduction
    Cyst Reduction
    Lead Reduction
    Mercury Reduction
    MTBE Reduction
    Turbidity Reduction
    VOC Reduction
    Asbestos Reduction

    Here is the correct link. http://www.nsf.org/Certified/dwtu/listings.asp?CompanyName=aquasana&submit1=Search+by+Manufacturer&Program=DWTU

    Here is the link to their Performance Data Fact Sheet: http://www.aquasana.com/assets/Drinking_Water_Filter_Performance_Data.pdf

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