Keep Coca-Cola’s Plastic OUT Of the Grand Canyon


There were meaningful plans brewing for America’s most iconic national park before Coca-Cola stepped in to protect its own interests. The National Parks Service was weeks away from finalizing plans that would have eliminated the sale of plastic water bottles in the Grand Canyon when Coca-Cola, who sells water under the Dasani name, stepped in and squelched the plans.

Join us in telling the National Park Service that we won’t stand for big corporations calling the shots in our nation’s parks, especially when it comes to plastic pollution.

The National Park Service had already put $300,000 into developing a series of refillable water stations around the park for the Grand Canyon’s 5 million annual visitors to use along the trail. The ban was modeled after a similar ban in Utah’s Zion Park in 2008 which eliminated 60,000 plastic bottles from the park in the first year alone.

Coca-Cola caught wind of the plan to ban plastic bottles in the park, which would have stopped the sale of their bottled water. The company immediately expressed its “preference” for expanding recycling programs rather than implementing the ban on bottles. The National Park Service bowed to Coke and cancelled the plans.

Coca-Cola has donated over $13 million to the National Parks Service, but the company’s funding shouldn’t stand in the way of protecting America’s wildlife from plastic waste pollution.

Stand with us today in demanding that the Director of National Park Service reinstate the ban on selling plastic bottles in the Grand Canyon!


Stephanie Miller, Bullfrog Communities & the Bullfrog Communities team