Who is Nestlé fooling? – Corporate Accountability International

Nestlé is at it again; saying one thing and doing another.
Today, at its annual shareholders’ meeting, Nestlé is busy touting a rosy new community siting strategy. 

Yet in Wacissa, Florida, Nestlé is set to pump an estimated 450,000 gallons each day from the pristine Wacissa River just to drive its bottled water profits.

Wacissa residents are organizing to stop Nestlé.  Your support will help them succeed.

To make sure they succeed, we’ll publish an open letter in Wacissa’s newspaper, detailing the corporation’s history of interfering with local democratic control of water and provide direct support to their efforts.

Publishing the open letter will cost $1,000. Can you make a gift of $25 to help put it in print?

Already, 15 groups from around the country have signed on to the open letter, because they have seen Nestlé do the same thing in their communities.

The open letter tells it all; Nestlé’s “community engagement tactics” are nothing more than business as usual – shortcutting environmental reviews, inciting costly legal battles against small town community groups, and weaseling backroom deals with public officials. 

Your support will protect our democracy and demand that Nestlé stop undermining local water rights.

Thank you, partnership helps community groups nationwide take a stand.


Kelle Louaillier
Executive Director